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    * .mobi

    Is .mobi going to happen? I have five premium domains. Please respond

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    * Are .mobi's going anywhere?

    I bought and bid for at least 20 names in 2006. I won five but since then it seems hyped up as to whether there is any real value for the future. I have lots of .coms but was curious if anyone is into .mobi Thanks DanaDomains
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    domain extension is not so important. If you have a heavy traffic website, it can be a .ws or .tk ....vakue will still be high.
    Let's talk custom servers and reseller plans

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    Thanks for reply. However, I am more interested in the buying and selling of domain names. I love finding value almost like antiquing, if you know what I mean.
    I own a lot of domains, and perhaps should make them more interesting. What would you do with instead of what I have there?

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    I have only had about 2% of my domain sales that were Mobi but that was 0% in 2007. So there may be a slight rise in value now they are becoming slightly more popular. - -

    What ever country... still a great deal on your domains.

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    Dot mobi certainly seems to catch a lot more interest that other "new" gTLDs, with the recent sale ($200k) and several huge companies starting to use .mobi for their mobile sites.

    In my opinion, it could play out both ways. Technically speaking, there are of course other ways to ensure sutiable content when using a mobile device (auto detection type of thing). However, the .mobi should probably be seen mainly as a marketing play - advertising your will send a clear message to customers/users telling them that the site is suitable for mobile devices, and at the same time you are telling everyone that your company is up-to-date on the tech front..

    I would also recomment the forums at for anyone interested in .mobi domains and the future of .mobi.



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    Thank you for that. I will check out your advice. D

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