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    webhost for student orgs

    Hi everyone, i have a few extremely newbie questions. I need a website for my college student organization. It probably won't get a lot of traffic except for people within the club. This may change later on but I am just starting the club.

    I want the website to have a upcoming events and just pretty general information that everyone in the club can access. The website needs to be extremely easy to update. What exactly do I need to do to get this set up? I have no knowledge about this except that I know that I need to build a website and choose a host.

    Anyone have any tips on what the easiest way to set up this type of website, and any specific hosts? I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me out. Thanks!

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    Hi Pakman

    Welcome to WHT.

    I find there are 2 things that make building a website extremely easy.

    1) Wordpress, you can learn this in hours. It's an on-line blog that you can update on the fly. It has calendar plug-ins, chat scripts, and all kinds of neat things. Publishing an article is quite easy.

    2) Joomla, Drupal are CMS scripts (Content Management Systems). They are not quite as easy as Wordpress but do a more variety of tasks. You can basically publish articles, set calendar dates, run a forum, etc, etc. The learning curve is slightly higher.

    I'd say Wordpress will get you up and running the quickest.

    As a student organization, you can probably get student/non-profit discounts as well.

    Good luck in your search.
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    In case you want to keep the hassle to a minimum, you do not need a website. You can go to facebook ... make a group, add photos, organize events, etc.

    If you do want a website, wordpress with plugins and a beginner hosting package ($4-5/month) is all you need. Wordpress usually comes with the hosting package with "1 click install" options.

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    Wordpress or ModX or Etomite and some plugins would be the way to go in my opinion. I have used both Etomite and ModX on student organisations in the past and the users have always found them pretty easy to use. Having a Facebook group as well is certainly a good idea though.

    If you are going for something in a blog style, then Wordpress, if something a little more general then I prefer ModX - but both could do either well - it is personal preference.

    If you go to OpenSourseCMS, then you can try the demos of numerous open source CMS (including all the ones mentioned here so far), so you can better decide what you want.

    As far as hosting goes, then I small shared account is all you need. Sometimes schools/universities offer free hosting to students organisations. But other wise I would look for something around the $4/5 per month mark.

    Something like the GeekStorage Mini Plan ($20/year) should more than cover what you need. That was the first hosting plan I had when one of the GeekStorage founders ran a few years ago, and I found it to be perfect for my needs at the time. I haven't used GeekStorage, but if it is run like that was I would recommend it - and it's cheap.


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    Doesn't your school have hosting for school organizations? Colleges I've seen do.

    You don't need to spend $4-5 per month, that is ridiculous if you are not getting lots of visitors.

    GeekStorage is new, so I recommend

    You can easily find quality hosts under $25 per year.

    Check the shared hosting offers section for more.

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    Thank you all for the replies. Just found out out that my school does offer hosting. I'll definitely look into Wordpress and other things mention on this forum on buidling the site though. Thanks again!

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