I started a project while back with a couple of my programmers. It started to take off in a huge way but one of my programmers was hired away from me by Purevolume.com and the other was replaced.
Anyway my current programmers have absolutely no time as I own a lot of e-commerce sites but I want to revive this old project.

So I am looking for 2 motivated people to partner with:
1 - php programmer/developer/LAMP expert
1 - graphic designer

Info about the project:
The project was to develop a social networking site where users could customize their pages using their own CSS. This part is done.
Further, users would be able to share videos/music/pictures. Some of this is done (pictures, some video and music).

The domain name is very high quality and receives traffic.
I have invested well over $10k into the project (programming and designs).

During our beta period there were over 700 new members over 2 weeks. During this time period 2 sites popped up offering free styles for our members. We did not have anything to do with this it was simply due to the quick popularity of the site.

With that said I put this project on the back burner over a year ago and we still get at least a few sign ups per week.

I am not looking for any monetary investment. This would be something you could work on in your free time and in return receive a percentage of the revenue or potential sale at a later date.

Last I want to mention that the coding is not commented so there will be some work to really understand. As far as the design it is already done however it is not "fresh" and it will need to be updated regularly to keep it fresh.

let me know via PM if you are interested and please include examples of your work. I will then send you more in depth info.
Prior to beginning a contract and NDA will be signed to protect all of us.

Again this is not me looking for something for nothing like most of the "partnership" posts seem to be. This is a legitimate opportunity to work towards launching a potential goldmine!