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    Thumbs down Aletia and Domain Names

    Hi there,

    I am extremly upset by Aletias Service, thatīs why I am posting this here. Maybe here I am heard and can save people from going through this too.

    Last year I signed up for a one year plan and had them register a domain name for me. At the end of June I had Go Daddy initiate a domain transfer. Only problem: the admin email address of the domain is [email protected], so I canīt transfer it.

    I opened a ticket in June, it was ignored. I opened another ticket, got a reply, but problem was not solved. I opened another ticket, I was told that my request was forwarded to Laura I think, and she would get back to me soon. Ha ha. No one did get back to me. I opened another ticket and was told I should email Ron. I emaild Ron, no answer. Today I emailed him again.

    People this is taking over 6 weeks. This is so redicolous. How long does it take to change one email address?

    Go Daddy charged 8 Dollars already, I have a hosting account open since one month, and Aletia doesnīt care at all.

    I am out of there as soon my one year is up. I seriously hope they change that email NOW, I canīt afford to lose 8 bucks like that.

    My experience with Aletia.

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    Just one more reason to not get domains with hosting.
    I mean if a host also sells domain seperately, thats fine.
    But stay away from those "free domain with hosting" or even the "we'll register your domain for you with hosting" accounts.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
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