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    Onlinenic registration api - help

    Is there anyone using onlinenic Api?

    I downloaded the template and tried to modify. But in their template, it is listing domains such as:

    Domainname / DNS1 / DNS2 / reg. Date / Reg. Year

    But i want to show the expire date instead of reg. date.

    In the file of “domain.domainlist.tpl” of the template i have the code fort he registration date

    <td height="20" class="p8" {$rs[i][1]} width="25%">



    I just wonder whats the code of expire date? Or whats the way of showing expire date of that domain.

    Anyone has any idea?

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    This is a quick reply -- I am trying this program as well and have it installed. I don't know PHP well enough to see how to make it work completely.

    Only a few (3) domain extensions appear to be available, even for performing a whois, which is where I started testing this implementation. (A bad whois really isn't going to cost money or cause too many problems.)

    I can figure some of it out, but the "code" seems scattered around, in multiple files. I am used to having a single file for the written code -- all the code.

    (I use Perl for Web and VB for desktop work.)

    FYI, this is my first post since 2004 -- it's been awhile.
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