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    Massive file storage systems...

    NAS, SAN, DAS, and I'm already getting confused.

    I'm trying to learn more on this subject, as I am going to be starting a project soon. What sort of system would hold a massive amount of files across several servers and have them easily found for download purposes? Can someone answer this question simply? I've about died readying the wiki articles for the fifteenth time.

    I would be interested to hear if you know of any current successful setups like this for file hosting.

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    you dont need any expensive SANs (well unless you have money to burn?)

    a few servers and good custom software can be easily used for file hosting purposes

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    It's not clear whether you have a bunch of web/app servers that need access to centralized storage or whether you have some requirement (fault tolerance?) to distribute your files across several servers. For the former you could use an iSCSI SAN with OCFS2 for the file system in order to have concurrent access by the web/app nodes. For the latter sounds like you want a distributed parallel file system like GlusterFS or MogileFS.


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