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    Concerns with managed server support; am I just nervous?

    I purchased a managed dedicated Windows Server from Sectorlink and although their support has been prompt and helpful there are some minor things that cause me to feel uneasy.

    It started with 3 of the pre-installed applications not being installed; MailEnable Standard, Microsoft DNS Server, and SQL Server 2005 Express. My team had time and access to install the latter 2 and we did; however I asked support to install MailEnable, and although they installed it within an hour, they made a mistake.

    In the closing ticket the support tech kindly pointed me to the START menu location. However to my surprise it wasn't there. I checked to make sure it was installed and indeed it was. I 'explored' the START menu and found the MailEnable shortcuts instead under the sectorlink user's START menu. So I copied them over to the Administrator account.

    I have one dedicated server I purchased last week and prepaid for the year, and a second one that I just purchased and paid for quarterly. I'm thinking of giving them a chance but as the 30 day money back guarantee is not far away, I'm less sure. Should I take this as foreshadowing and run for the hills? Or is this just part of the experience?
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    NEVER pay that much in advance unless you are 100% sure you know everything about that host and it saves you a whole LOT of $$$. I would advise you to write a email to someone higher up at the hosting company about your concerns.


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    Would you consider these mistakes minor, or do you think they're genuine points of concern?

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    Yes, I think you should be concerned, if for no other reason then you have doubts about them. There are some bad things about them, but most of it is older and it is hard to judge somethings with out knowing the other side.

    They have been around for a while and I still think it would be best to get in touch with someone in management there and let them address your concerns. If after that you still feel unsure you should think of any options you might have.

    Their TOS
    6.1. You may cancel your SECTORLINK.COM account by visiting ( Charges for canceling accounts are not prorated on a monthly basis. No refunds are given on any accounts that are pre-paid in advance unless they are canceled within the first 30 days of when the account was established. The 30 day guarantee does not apply to reseller accounts.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll contact management and update the thread with their response. I'll see how they respond to it.

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    I would cancel, get a refund and then pay month by month to keep them on their toes. You are in a much better bargaining position if they are on trial from month to month rather than year to year.

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    Well, I sent an email to Sectorlink Management Friday night and have yet to get a response, there is a chance that there was a malfunction with their form so I sent a second email through gmail. I am still awaiting a response.

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    I received a reply earlier today. Apparently they are aware of both issues, the applications being left out on purpose, the second issue needing their techs to make a habit of using the right administrator login. Here is the email in entirety:

    I can understand your concerns please let me explain the reason why
    these programs are not being installed on new servers.

    Over the last few months we have gotten a lot of feedback from our new
    customers regarding the pre-installation of certain items. We have
    found that a majority of customers do not want to have these programs
    installed on their servers since they have other needs or other programs
    that they are using. We have found that if a customer needs an
    application on our pre-install list we will install when the customer
    requests it via email. This is something that we have found has been is
    a better solution because of applications that are not being used can
    pose a security risk on the server if left unconfigured / unused with
    default settings.

    I can see how the mail enable issue was overlooked since it did not
    place the icon in the start menu as a global setting but under the
    Sectorlink profile. This is something that should have been installed
    by the Administrator account but most of the techs login using our
    Sectorlink credentials and will be brought up in a tech meeting.

    I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you
    have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    I am pretty much satisfied with their reply.
    However I would've preferred some advance notice regarding the pre-installed applications.

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