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    Its weird how you can have average days and great days in earnings...

    It is kinda weird how I would always earn the same amount from services such as programming, advertising, and hosting per day. Only once or twice a year I have really great days when I make a lot more money than average. I pay Adwords and Adbrite ads that bring in a lot of visitors, but I always get around the same amount of money. I am curious how come I cannot have a ton of sales everyday. Why would only 30 people out of 1000 buy the service in a week instead of 30 people per day. For years I always receive the same amount of customers and earnings no matter what. Even if I take risk and triple the cost of advertising I would still get the same amount of sales I understand the ups and downs of business but after years at the end of the month I have the same amount of earnings and wonder why there is a limit that I cannot go beyond even when the service I provide is popular but doesn't double in sales. Is this the same for you?
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    Its the same for us with google, if i up the 30 day limits to 4,000 we get more clicks but the same amount of leads as if its $1000 for a 30 day period...


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    I am glad to know I am not the only one. So you mean that you receive the same amount of sales whether you pay $4000 or $1000 per month correct? I do not spend that much I would only spend $250 per month but I would get the same results when I bumped it up to $500 per month. You would think the more you spend the more sales you would get.

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    Life's like that, totally unpredictable. There's a saying in the UK about London buses...

    "you wait ages for a bus then 6 turn up at once"

    Kind of like the web really!

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    I think it comes down to word of mouth. Advertising helps build brand recognition but its your reputation that really sells your product.

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