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    Is any one else having a problem reaching their CP on Vortech?

    I am currently getting a DNS error, server not found while trying to reach my reseller CP on Vortech (aka I was working on adding some clients when it apparently became unreachable. I'm trying to determine if it is a server problem or general Internet problem. I can reach other sites, including my other reseller accounts with a different host.


    Dan W.
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    Control panel seems to working fine for me.... IMAP account access is another story!
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    Everything just came back up. Not sure what the problem was, me, the net or their NOC. I could ping everything just fine the whole time...hmmmm, sometimes this biz just seems to have its mysteries!

    Oh, and thanks for the reply!

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    yes I was for a while but now all is ok

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    We did an update to 2.2 final today around the time you posted this. So there was a reboot in there for every thing to take.

    As for IMAP it will be fixed first thing tomorrow as well. More info for that is on our forum..

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