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    Question Nocster offline again

    Got a closeout Nocster server running on 64.191.xx.xx.

    From London, England, been unable to see since 08:30GMT this morning.

    'Pings' run from another server show only 88% uptime over the last two days.

    Anyone else?

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    I'm in Spain it was working at 8.30, I rebooted the server and it never came back. I called and they rebooted the server but it was still down. I called again and they told me that sombody else is using my IP and that it would be resolved sometime today.
    I don't understand anything!!!!

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    Mine is up and down every 20 minutes at the moment (10:47GMT)

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    Originally posted by site8
    Mine is up and down every 20 minutes at the moment (10:47GMT)
    sounds more like a yo-yo!

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    That's one slow yo-yo then.

    But seriously, burst seems to be having lots of trouble lately/again. I was hoping that nocster would be an improvement. Let's hope it doesn't revert back to the old way.


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