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    colo in Nova Scotia or Northern Maine

    We have a client looking for a colo or data center in Halifax or Bridgewater area of Nova Scotia. They would also consider Northeast Maine like the Bangor area. They MUST be in these area to receive specific GPS data. Need half to full cab and roof access for small antenae.

    As usual, any suggestions would be appreciated. - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    You're not going to find many options in Halifax, and definitely nothing outside of the capital. There used to be two locations for colocation, one was at TwistedPair's facility (an old bunker) and another at Purdys Wharf (two office towers).

    I'm not sure what happened to TwistedPair, but they are no longer around, so your only option is to find companies with space at Purdys Wharf unless the idea of a "basement datacenter" is OK with your client...

    Potential Companies:

    AirFire (LandlordIT):


    The reason for Purdys Wharf is that many years ago GT had a large presence there, but were bought by 360networks who were then bought by Bell. I'm not sure who is in control of the space now, but I believe Airfire (LandlordIT) would be the prime candidate.

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    Try Mid-Maine Communications ( as I'm pretty sure they have a datacenter in Bangor.

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    Thanks for the help! - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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