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Thread: logo mod needed

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    logo mod needed

    I have this template monster logo:

    I need the color scheme changed from orange to blue (RGB #0860a8). Once finished, I want it to look just like it does now except with a blue base. is a joke and I can't get service through them.

    Please let me know the cost, how fast you can do it, and examples of your work.

    I pay with PayPal. 50% up front.

    Thank you.

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    ill do it for $50, i can have it for you in a few hours, portfolio is here

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    we can do it for $40! Please send me your msn/AOL/Yahoo to show you samples.
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    We will do it for US$ 79

    You see, we don't compete by prices.

    Instead of using just the templates, we will provide you
    with a unique logo design, based on that template.

    Uniquely you for just 20-30 dollars more from
    other offers.

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    if you want a logo that is original and different, i can create some concepts for you, not just that template monster logo? Why? If you want a good logo that will give you a good reputation, stay away from those template logos, hire a designer who is going to provide you with a variety of logo concepts for you to choose from , i will send u a pm since i cant post my link

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    They should have given you the .psd for this logo and you should be able to change the color scheme from there?

    The only possible drawback that you will encounter later is that if someone out there also buys the same template logo. That will be a big problem on brand identity.

    Our design service is more on unique logo creation from start. We would love to help, but we cannot do the modification at this time. We are more than willing to accommodate new logo design order though if you desire. Feel free to request a quote.

    Thank you very much.

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