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    I wanna know is VPSLand so bad?
    It offers every thing i want.
    plz help me with a cheap windows vps

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    i was used to be with them not bad at all but i never had a windows VPS so i hope that help
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    I had a few issues with my Linux VPSland account where I kept having to reboot my VPS weekly as my sites kept going offline
    I sent in numerous tickets & kept being advised that they have fixed problem & should encounter it again then the following week it would do exactly the same thing

    just over Christmas I started rebooting on a daily basis & my tickets started dissapearing without a trace or reply so I cancelled my account, if you go with them I hope their windows account is better

    I was only running 1 forum with no more than 40-50 visitors on at any one time with a 512meg Ram account yet they could never answer my questions as to why I was having to reboot, kept asking yet all they would say is problem fixed, let us know if any further issues so I myself would not reccomend VPSLand

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    my Windows VPS has been really good! You should defently go with them

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    I used them a while back, but only for there Linux offering. they were very good back then.

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    VPSLand have good servers and good support. I only had one issue really. If you look at the cost of a Windows license for a virtual machine, it doesn't quite match up to their Windows machine prices? This is the only thing that threw me otherwise they have a good service.

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