CSIDEA & Reseller Temple is providing professional design and programming services from late 1998(when we are all in high schools). Even though 10years in business and we have worked with many industries across a variety of fields with outstanding reputation, we are always seeking for improvements and will gladly take any good or bad feedbacks from our friends(YOU), our customers, or other designers.

Please check out our portfolios at our company site: http://www.csidea.us
We are welcome for any critics about our works, and will convert those opinions into our positive motives for improvements.

Even though you are not thinking to have a new design done, you are welcome to visit our site and drop us your honest opinions for improvements.

we are able to offer services included below:
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Flash Design
  • Programming Design
  • Brand Design
  • CIS
  • SEO
  • One-way submission
  • Print Design
  • Banner Design
  • Virtual Host
  • CRM management
  • Windows Development
  • Web Development
We also offer special pricing for our resellers, please check Reseller Temple(http://www.resellertemple.com)
*All resellers' applications will be reviewed then some with strong portfolios will be selected.