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    Restarting Reselling ::: Advice

    Hi all,

    I am yet another cw casualty. I had my reselling/web-design website up for just one week when cw went down... luckily I didn't have any customers yet

    Anyhoo, I'm looking at starting over in the reselling biz and have been looking around at some of the plans available. What I'm looking for is a company with at least the following; CPanel (preferred but plesk will do), decent space/traffic ratio, good support, affordable ip hosting (if required), and of course private NS. A Bonus would be if the company is located within Australia (not the servers tho, doesn't matter where they are) so I can easily get support during the day .

    So, I've done a little research over the past few weeks and I have nailed it down to four - in order of preference and I would like some comments on the following (i.e. if youve used them etc).

    At this stage it looks like I'll be going with the first one (reseller space).

    As far as payment goes, previously I was just going to use Paypal. But it looks like Hostcharge could be the best payment service for me (i.e. low volume). Does anyone have any experience with them? What attracted me about paypal in the first place is the ability to change prices of items on the fly, i.e. use php to convert AUD to USD on the fly, then send that string to paypal. Does Hostcharge allow this or do you have to have "products" with set prices setup on the server. Also can I manually process someones credit card if need be (i.e. for web design customers where the final amount will not be set in stone).

    I think thats it

    Any comments appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I'm with Httpme and have found them to be excellent in terms of speed, reliability and support.

    Can'y comment on the others though.

    Watch this space...

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    resellerspace are pretty cool. heard good things about the others too, but i'm very happy with resellerspace

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