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    DNS for colo servers

    Hi, we are just in the process of going from dedicated to colocated and I'm wondering where to keep DNS records (used to have at our hosting provider). Where do you usually do this? We have some 300+ domain names and it's critical that DNS is up. I saw on some sites that the price can be around 20USD per domain per year but to me this sounds a bit steep.

    Any help appreciated,

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    634 is a good choice with a strong anycast network, and they're very inexpensive. We used to use UltraDNS for quite a long time for many of our clients, but after being acquired by Neustar their prices went up quite a bit and we didn't feel like paying thousands of dollars per month for DNS service. While the resolution performance of DNSMadeEasy isn't quite as good as UltraDNS according to our testing, it's been rock solid with regards to uptime for a mere fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.

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    There are three avenues you could look at.

    1. make use of your provider's dns servers, if that is allowed.

    2. run dns on your colocated box.

    3. use third party dns services.

    When looking at third party dns, per domain is not the only way to buy it. There are providers that allow you more than 1 domain per subscription. There is even one provider that allows unlimited domains and records because the charges are strictly usage based.

    You have to look at your expected dns traffic and plug those into the charging forumulas to decide which is best for you.
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    Hi, thanks for quick responses. I'm looking at the moment for third-party providers. DNS traffic? How to estimate that?

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    Another one is

    Or get your own system up, along with
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    We use DNSMadeEasy and it works perfectly for us. They charged based on # of DNS queries per month, but you can set your TTLs appropriately if that's an issue.

    A few of our customers use their own DNS servers (not in our datacenter) for their domains. Just last week, we got a report "I can't get to the site from my office" and that was because their own DNS servers were down... I offered that they should just move to us (which would be via DNSMadeEasy) to avoid such problems

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    We use easydns and allow zone transfer backup to the free (donation) service provided by

    We used to use our ISPs DNS servers, but having to fax changes every time got very boring very quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plumsauce View Post
    There are three avenues you could look at.

    1. make use of your provider's dns servers, if that is allowed.
    Most will offer this for free btw.

    2. run dns on your colocated box.
    You could do this using BIND or a commercial software like QDNS or if you are using cPanel, you could make use of BIND via the GUI to do this.

    So if you colo has some type of control panel on it, chances are you can run it right on your own box. I'd really suggest running the secondary either with your provider, or a 3rd party service as suggested here as well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinsar View Post
    Another one is

    Or get your own system up, along with
    fwiw, that's the old out of date site for mydns.
    has newer versions and is being developed to take over coordination of the project.
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