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    If ppl are satisfied then i think its normal that they wanne spread the word about their experience. It can help others to make a maybe difficult choice.
    I make this posting to say nothing than good words about STORMHOSTS.NET I'm there since the beginning which i think its already more than 5 years. Since im from Belgium and SH was situated in the states it wasnt directly an obvious decision to choose for them regarding support etc...
    Well i can say: I was suprised about their support and about their reliability. If i had any probs they where always available to help you with pleasure and not unimportant, their speed of support!
    After more than 5 years i can still recommend it to everyone, from newbie to a more experienced user. If you are looking for fast, reliable hosting at cheap prices then you don't need to look any further: Stormhosts is your partner. For now and in the future!
    If you have any more q's about SH...please feel free to ask me

    kind regards,

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    What web site do you host with them?

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    Yes, i have a few sites running on SH servers:

    Kind regards,

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