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    Thumbs up Designer Review: RedEyeJedi - Major Thumbs Up!

    Hello, all. In December of last year, I posted a request for a design that will be integrated into an already existing site theme. The site (to be released) is Joomla-based using Gallery 2, so technically it is not a simple site to work with. I received some excellent responses, and, in the end, I chose redeyejedi to do the work. I thought I'd finally deliver a review.

    In brief, he was truly a first-class freelancer. Here is what I specifically enjoyed about working with him:

    • Knowledgeable and Talented - Redeyejedi impressed me with his understanding of form and function. He studied my existing site theme to determine the best "plan of attack" to work within the framework given. I am well aware that it is often far easier to create something from scratch than to work with what's already given, so I was very impressed with his design suggestions.
    • Communicative - Redyejedi was never often out of touch. Even during Christmas, he was accessible! Given our considerable time difference (he's based in the UK, me on the West Coast of the USA), his emails were incredibly prompt. Not only that, he truly listened to me, and made a true effort to understand what I wanted.
    • Detail-Oriented - Everything about redeyejedi's approach was meticulous and well-formed. Even though there were changes, etc., I could always see what he was aiming for, and therefore it was easy for me to make suggestions.
    • Fast, Fast, Fast! - Time is truly money, and he wasted neither.

    Bottom line - for what I received, redeyejedi was truly a bargain. If the appropriate opportunity presents itself, I would readily work with him again.

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    Glad to hear you had a good experience with what seems to be a good freelance developer.
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    Does Redeyejedi have a website?

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