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    Exclamation URGENT! Two (2) PHP Scripts Needed (details inside)

    Hello all. I had great luck selecting a designer, now I'm looking for a coder to do a couple of PHP scripts.

    I'm working in Gallery 2. This is just FYI. You DO NOT have to do any Smarty coding or integrations! I need two scripts that I will integrate in. To make integration go easier, the scripts need to be fairly small and simple. Gallery 2 has code that will do user authorization if I so choose, so again no worries there. Please feel free to use code you already have or any solid, free open source/GPL scripts to customize to meet my needs.

    Here are the details:

    1. Tell-A-Friend - I want a simple Tell-A-Friend script that will allow our members and visitors to send a link (autogenerated by the software and passed through to the script). Here are the specifics:

      • Allows up to three(3) recipient email addys.
      • Optional Name field so the sender can put his/her name in.
      • Error Checking and Security - The script must do the appropriate error checking. That is, submitted emails must be "well-formed". A valid sender email address and at least one valid recipient email address is required. Also, the usual checking for attempts at submitting code or anything else potentially malicious
    2. Tags - I need a tiny script where a member can enter tags for a given item. There will be one text entry field. The tags are to be separated by either a comma or semi-colon. The script must of course use these separators to recurse and store the tags. Gallery2 has two very simple MYSQL tables that need to be updated when tags are submitted. I will provide the dump for the tables so you can see the structure. Again, this is very simple. Of course, basic security checking to prevent submission of malicious code.

    IMPORTANT: Both scripts must allow the member to submit data without being taken away from the page. Because I am concerned with cross-browser issues, I do not want a solution that uses the XMLHttp-based methods (typical in many AJAX-based approaches). A hidden IFRAME, regular javascript or anything else that is more "standard" is OK.

    I need these working, secure, bug-free scripts ASAP. Please PM me with price or any questions you may have. Before I accept the scripts, I need to demo them on your test server (must of course be full, working versions). I pay promptly via PAYPAL.

    Thanks for considering this project!

    PS: If you work out well, I may have other potential tweak and customization work for you.

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    Hey there Brat -

    I work with the Gallery team and just thought I'd suggest that you might also like to post on the Gallery forums if you've not already done so. You might find others who have similar needs, or who have already implemented something similar. And, the Gallery team also loves to see how users are using Gallery as they continue to implement new features and enhancements.


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