WHM/cPanel reseller hosting, reliable, proven track record: idologic.com

Idologic is a different kind of a web hosting company - a company that provides top of the line support, service, and reliablity. A company that doesn't nickel and dime you, a company that goes the extra mile to serve you all the time. Idologic provides superior reseller and dedicated hosting and we are company where the customer is the number one concern - all the time. Idologic - logically connected.

How much?
starting at:

1GB disk space,
15GB bandwidth,
unlimited domains,
unlimited POP3, FTP, etc.
4 IPs included: 2 for your nameservers, 1 dedicated IP for your site and 1 shared IP for your resold accounts.
free extras include: fantastico, rvskin, autoinstaller, skins (*sim, *trix, *cp, rvskin, aceskin) and much more!

20 USD per month

Technical specification
Supermicro servers
Dual or Quad core xeon with 4GB of RAM or more
CentOS 4.x or 5.x
WHM/CPanel: latest stable version
latest PHP 4.x and PHP 5.x
mysql 4.x
geographically seperated DNS cluster available
geographically seperated backup MX available

Why Idologic Inc?
We guarantee 99.5% services uptime (don't be fooled by companies offering 100% network uptime, this does not always cover services like apache!)

See what our clients say:

The folks at Idologic are knowledgable and attentive (and patient!). I've been happy with the quality of service, as well as the uptime. I'd recommend Idologic for anyone's short-list of reliable and high-quality reseller hosts.

The uptime has been fantastic -- my particular server had 99.991% uptime in January, 100% in Feb., and 99.934% so far in March. Never any issues whatsoever.
I can't say enough about how friendly these guys are and how incredibly helpful they have been to me. i would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone.

What can I say, if you're not a customer of theirs, you can't understand how passionate they are about what they do.
Always on the ball, always very informative, always very quick, always very polite. I really couldn't ask for more in a hosting company.

Additional info:
- no setup fees for reseller accounts
- IPs are 1 USD per IP per month
- extra diskspace + bandwidth is 10 USD per 1GB diskspace/15GB
- overselling allowed (however we don't oversell and keep the load low)
- located in Global Compass on our switches, pdus, ups, servers, etc. *no* leased equipment
- 24x7 ticket/email based helpdesk, emergency 1-866 (toll-free #) available and emergency paging by email, access to Alertra stats
- All our servers feature hot-swappable RAID drives and off-server backups!
- no adult, warez, porn, spam, etc.

to signup or for questions, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website @ http://www.idologic.com/ or simply ask here