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    We are planning to move our website to Our users send a lot of email invites (like myspace,facebook) so sending outgoing emails is more important to us!.

    But on a quick online search i saw rackspace hosted websites had lot of spam complaints around 2001-2003. I am now worrying moving there may affect our email deliverability!

    Anyone know what is the current email reputation of rackspace?. I would appreciate your reply!.

    We have a strict no-spam policy. All out emails are user initiated (user imports his webmail contacts, selects the emails-ids and then send it to their friends just like in facebook). We also feature a 1 click unsubscribe link in all our outgoing emails and also our physical postal address.

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    They do not appear to have any current spamhaus listings.
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    Thanks HiVelocity, also its better to check the ip addresses we get with the blacklists, right?

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    Yes, if you are getting a dedicated server it will have Static IPs and that is what will be looked at first from a blacklist perspective.

    Really blacklists are usually only for 24 hours and RackSpace is on top of these sort of issues and they get them resolved quickly!
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    thanks for the reply guys!.

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    We have decided to go with rackspace, even my email software provider(powerMTA) recommended them...thanks for your replies

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