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    I need your help to select my next hoster


    I have web site/vbulletin board which spend around 200GB BW monthly and need 30GB disk storage.
    Visit my web site about 150000 visitor everyday.

    Currently I am running my web site on VPS with 512RAM but I have to move because there many high load.
    So I am thinking to move to dedicated server or another VPS in a strong company like PowerVPS.

    I have never try to run my web sites on dedicated server and I have experience only with VPS which have Cpanel.
    I am not familiar controlling dedicated server but I thinks it will be very close to VPS and both of them have Cpanel.

    My budget is: $140 US

    First option is dedicated server from The Planet:
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz+
    Drive Controller: IDE
    HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 4
    1024 MB RAM
    Control Panel: cPanel/WHM with Fantastico
    5 IP Addresses
    750 GB Bandwidth
    10 Mbps Uplink

    Will cost em $114.00 MO fee


    Second option is VPS from PowerVPS
    64 bit Centos 5
    Equal Share CPU
    768MB Memory
    30GB Disk Space
    1500GB Bandwidth
    6 IP numbers
    cPanel/WHM (latest edition)
    Fantastico De-Luxe
    Will cost me $110.00 MO fee


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    Hello, as I could understand you don't know how to deal with a server, then if you get the planet machine you will need to hire a management team, that would increase your price a little... on the other hand if you select powervps, they do it semi-managed, plus you get a piece of a business-class server... so... you decide! (but I'm with powervps and I'm really happy with them).

    Also check out the very nice offer from wiredtree (see the vps offers section). I got one vps from them and I'm really amazed, they are awesome too.

    Good luck!
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    orans, the setup ThePlanet offered you... you could get a better setup at other hosts, leaving you $ for management teams like PlatinumServerManagement. Try to find a server for 110$ and hire PSM for 30$ per month.

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    I would go with thePlanet. Thinking of dedicated server, it should be more stable from vps.

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    To run only vBulletin you dont really need any managed server, you can easily get a good dedicated server with good control panel to watch it. Virtual Servers are not great in performance compared to dedicated servers. As your statistics suggests you should not go with virtual server.

    You can try Superb, they have good low budget clearance servers and even iWeb.. they are good.
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    Considering your budget, and your use, I would go ahead and recommend getting a dedicated server. Is there any particular reason you are planning on configuring your server with ThePlanet with Red Hat instead of just CentOS?

    Also, have you had a chance to check out the Dedicated Offers forum, there will be many different providers to choose from there, and even some specials from ThePlanet.

    I also agree that you will be fine without a management company, since you already have experience managing your VPS with cPanel.

    Best of Luck!
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    I need a server soon.

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    I think I will try VPS from wiredtree

    What do you think?

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    Ryan, what would be your reason for using CentOS if you have real RHEL available?

    Someone recommended superb, and I have to say that I would recommend them less than 1&1.

    From the limited two options, I'd recommend the dedicated server from The Planet. Although why not use up more of your budget and get SATA?
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