Hey Folks.

I bothered to register here at webhostingtalk.com and write the following message simply because I want to shout my PLEASURE with www.AssortedInternet.com. Brian Teeter et al have been outstanding in getting us up and running.

I purchased a shared web hosting plan, their JSP/Servlet Deluxe 3000, and have been quite happy with the services and ESPECIALLY the incredibly rapid and intelligent support I receive from Brian and his company. The company is a real professional operation, and I'm now certain as we our development and testing wraps up and we go public and live in the next couple weeks, my enthusiasm will only increase. The last thing I want to worry about is our company's web infrastructure. I just want it to work and be available!

Anyway, I'm NOT a "paid endorser" or whatever, I'm simply a real happy customer. Check out www.assortedinternet.com - they're the real deal - great prices, excellent services, and truly amazing support and response time. Great company.

Rob Bowman (www.virginiaspeeddating.com - but DO NOTE that the "real" site won't be "publically available" for another week or so)