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    Unhappy FreeTDS between PHP and MSSQL Server 2005?

    Hi, I am trying to open a connection between a PHP page and MSSQL Server 2005 (as opposed to MySQL).

    I found a tool online that seems to accomplish this called "FreeTDS" (I'm new and can't post links so you'll need to Google it, but it's easy enough to find!)

    However, I get conflicting messages on this site as to whether the program supports SQL Server 2005.

    Has anyone worked with this program and had success establishing a connection with MSSQL Server 2005?

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


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    PHP has support for MSSQL Server 2005.

    Take a look at:
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    Do you have any idea why people would be using these tools, then?




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    It has been my understanding that the mssql function built into php has some issues with certain things that are not affected with FreeTDS.
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