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    Im looking for a dedicated server

    Hello all,
    I need you help,
    I'm looking for a dedicated server (Value server, cheap).I already have vps server .

    What do I need?

    1) linux - php + mysql
    2) DirectAdmin CP
    3) 600GB traffic
    4)Nice cpu.

    and most importent, support at first to move all websites from my vps.
    Any suggestions?
    thank you!

  2. #2 does custom pricing.

    I've had a good server experience with them.

    You'll need to state a price range, but I'm sure you can get all of the above for less than $90. - Sell your cell for cash!

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    Hi , thank you for you replay,
    my price range for this server is about 60$

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    First go through offers section here.
    What #3 mean Space/BW or maybe RAM?
    Which connection speed are you looking for?
    Specify all that and then go through VPS and dedicated servers section.
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    Hello Avivronen,

    None of your request should drive up the price of the server too much, except the part where you want "support at first to move all websites from my vps". This could add up depending on what kind and how much support you are initially needing.

    I know this isn't suggesting a certain company to go through but it should help you determine where you want to put your money.

    Best of luck in your search,
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    Volumedrive, I have a $49 /mo Sempron server with a free 250Gb hd upgrade
    10 Mb Unmetered and I'm happy with them

    I had no problem with them, their speed is a little slow on the day, at night
    that seems to change, but nothing "unusable"

    also they reinstall my box in less than a day, change PTR for my ip's
    without problems

    support is not very fast but they have an acceptable response speed

    For the budget you have, is a really good option

    good luck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by maunic View Post
    their speed is a little slow on the day, at night
    that seems to change, but nothing "unusable"
    So what you are saying is that your server is slow during the day but normal during the night? Have you told them this?
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    i had a server at for $50 month. not including control panel.

    its unmanaged so you will need to move your files over yourself, or hire a server admin company like i did.

    i used platinumservermanagement and they were pretty good.

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