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    Question Storage issues - reaching limit

    Hi all!

    tried doing a search for my problem, but I guess I'm searching for the wrong criteria. Anyways, I'll try to keep this simple and straight forward:

    1. We have about 10 web servers running on Plesk
    2. We are running out of space
    3. The servers have no more slots for adding new disks.

    In this scenario, what would the next option be? Assuming that we will be increasing the basic hosting size, I think we're going to hit a brick wall soon. And hard.

    How do you guys run your hosting setup? Multiple web servers with local storage, or do you guys make use of NAS (SANs are a bit pricey)? Hope to be able to pick your brains a bit!


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    if you have 10 servers surely your pulling in enough money to purchase another server - or if the servers are all with smae dc just buy a low spec server with huge hard drives and use it as storage

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    Would that mean that the lower spec server is to be used as a NAS? How would I connect the current servers to the NAS to use it as a store? Normal switch?

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    depends on your provider but most will allow you to place all your servers on a 'shared'/private switch where you dont get charged for transfer between them so you could easily mount folders from lower spec server via nfs (read one of my other posts of the last couple of days where i mention how to mount the httpdocs of plesk on a different drive - smae would work for nfs shares i think)

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    Thanks for the ideas! I check out freenas, and it seems promising. However, as I've never implemented this before, does anyone know whether the speed between the NAS and the web servers is sufficient for read/writes (assuming it's running FE)?

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    What about upgrading to a 2, 3, or 4u chassis to fit more drives, and installing another sata or raid card?

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    I was also looking for a solution like this as many of my 250 GB HD's are full. If a central storage like NAS works perfectly, it will be good as we can use it on many of the servers with out much wasted space.

    Anyone know how hosts that offer big hard disk space do ? They have big hard disks per server ? Or they use shared storage like NAS, SAN etc ?

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    Yea, was wondering about that too, flashweb.

    ub3r, I don't know how viable it is to purchase 10 new servers so that it can handle more disk space versus getting a NAS to handle storage for the 10 servers.

    Any other ideas? There has to be someone that's offering big disk space to clients, so I'm sure that you gurus have solved this problem before.

    TIA again!

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