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    Paging file Win 2003 Standard

    What setup would be right (as far as paging file goes) for running game servers on a dedicated box.

    core2duo 2ghz
    2 GB RAM
    300Gb HD
    Windows Server 2003 Standard

    Right now it says it has 1512 MB allocated for the paging file. Just seems to me that programs would run better with a smaller paging file.

    This is my first Windows server i have always used unix for a dedicated box so i dont have a clue how these settings such as page file affects a server.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Let the OS handle it. That is a good size for the paging file.

    Generally I use:

    <1gb ram = 2 x for the paging file
    >1gb ram = 1 x for the paging file
    Max 4gb paging file.

    Disk is cheap, it is easy to change and reboot.

    If you have a second disk put the paging and db (trans logs) on different drives. Put on fastest drive you have but if all else fails and you don't know how to tune it just let the OS pick the size for you. It sets it for a range.
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    A general rule most Windows admins use is 2x Ram Size = Paging File.

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    I use 1.5x

    2GB Phys = 3GB Page.
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    Ok guys thanks for al lyour answers. Im just gonna leave it as is.

    Thanks gain for the assistance

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    Paging file may not be of great issue, Windows anyway runs 100s of unnecessary things, if you can disable some services and have a good firewall that can help you increase performance. As now days if you watch server, it is continuously probed by anyone for trying to login to your SQL or trying to login to ftp etc.
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