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Thread: Godaddy speed

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    Godaddy speed

    I have a dedicated box at both Godaddy and theplanet (I'm a carry over from Rackshack days)

    I have noticed what appears to be a significant response speed loss between the two; theplanet being much faster than godaddy - ping response times are almost double for godaddy vs. theplanet. Being surprised that godaddy would deliver a decidedly inferior service I was wondering:

    Does anyone else know if godaddy's dedicated service is slower than theplanets?

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    Do you have test IP's and or speed tests for them? Also, what is their respective bandwidth allotment?
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    As in ping responses: Have you checked the distance from Pensacola to ThePlanet (Dallas, Texas) and from Pensacola to Godaddy (Scottsdale, Arizona)

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    In the last week my dedicated Godaddy server has slowed to a crawl. Remote desktop is slow and page serving is slow. A page with a webservice that used to take about a second and a half now takes about 14 seconds. I have two different ips for two different accounts and they are both slow. Oddly enough pings just fine. They must host their page somewhere else!

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