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    Am curious if anyone has had any experience with edge-host, good or bad?

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    They seem to be pretty good... I haven't read any negative or positive comments about them.

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    is this i tried going there but the only thing available was their forum...

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    I have recently gone with edge-host and have had a positive experience thus far. Great value, features, and support has been great. I've never had an "emergency" situation where I had to have support that minute; however, whenever I see the owner on AIM or ICQ, he always answers my questions within minutes. I think there are other support reps available, but I have never tried contacting them.

    So far, Edge-Host has been very friendly and reliable. If anyone has any questions for me (from a customer's standpoint), please feel free to e-mail me at jp<at> (replace <at> with @), AIM nintendo8bit, or ICQ 1863204 and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

    If anything with Edge-Host's service changes, I'll be sure to report back here. Hope this helps.

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