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    Question enabling server side includes safety

    Hello folks,

    I'm newbie here and very bad english sorry for this.

    I want to enable our server ssi server side includes (.shtml parsed).

    My hosting company controls our server uptime, daily backup, server loads etc. when i request them; can you please enable ssi for shtml pages, i want to use ssi includes etc.. they suggested me use php instead of shtml for includes.

    I want to .shtml, beacuse i use only ssi include header, footer same pages, also these pages search engine friendly.

    Apache version: 2.0.52

    I posted them please add following lines and restart apache afterwards:

    Options +IncludesNoExec
    AddType text/html .shtml
    AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

    They added and restarted apache, but not any affect. When i access .shtml pages via web browser, page opening successfully but not parse ssi includes, example:

    <!--#include file="header.html" -->

    but not parse, also i cannot use .htaccess files, our server admin say restricted them because security reasons.

    I requested them our server root username and password, they say to me; before give you server root password, we remove all our server administration software from server and server administration service will be cancelled.

    Please advice me folks, in this case, i need get my password or not?

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    It's normal; you either get a managed or unmanaged server. They can't guarantee your server to run efficiently if you have your hand in there too.

    If you can manage a web server and got a good control panel, go ahead. If not, get another web host... or use PHP.

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    Make sure "Option Includes" is allowed for your folders in httpd.conf file. And if that isn't working you can add a line for AddHandler instead of AddType in your .htaccess file which is :

    AddHandler server-parsed .shtml .html .inc

    Let me know if that worked out for you.
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    thanks koithara for instractions,

    but they currently restricted .htaccess using for security reasons

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    Do you have dedicated server or shared hosting? For shared hosting no company will give you such access unless they know you very well personally.

    Server Side Includes are not that dangerous to enable because they simpley act as place holders. It depends how smart your administrator is, if he is simple "read and act without using brain kind of geek" then they will not give you access.

    Probably you can switch to another web hosting company and ask if they support ssi, there are probably a million hosting company and somebody might give you a good deal.
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