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What We Do: employs its own technical support services team based entirely in the U.S. We own our two carrier-grade, Tier-1 and Tier-3 data centers, and we have unequaled fiber connectivity and on-net bandwidth utilizing Level3, Global Crossing, and Brighthouse so you can be assured of fast, reliable connectivity. Our facilities are manned 24/7/365 from our Network Operations Center (NOC) located right next to your servers. All support and provisioning requests are handled by our staff as we do not outsource anything. Feel free to call 813-342-2100 whenever you want. Your call will be answered by a live technical support person.

Who We Are: is a wholly-owned subsidiary of E Solutions Corporation ( We’ve been running our data centers for over eleven years, and we manage thousands of servers for clients ranging from 16 Major League Baseball teams, Arturo Fuente Cigars (the makers of the world famous “Opus X”) as well as systems for one of the Big 4 accounting firms, various law firms, VOIP providers, medical records providers and many website and hosting resellers.
• Our data centers are 100% Cisco Powered facilities that provide network uptime exceeding 99.99%
• has fiber connectivity and on-net bandwidth with multiple Tier-1 carriers including Level 3, Global Crossing, and Brighthouse Networks.
• We have a 2N architecture including, (9)22-ton and (2)5-ton Liebert HVAC units with redundant glycol heat exchange systems. Data Center Temperature is maintained at 70°F and 40% humidity for maximum server reliability.
• We have redundant power backup. A pair of MGE 225KVa UPS units are protecting your equipment in an N+1 parallel configuration. Distribution: multiple PDUs and sub feeds. Generator: Caterpillar 800kW Diesel with 5 day fuel supply with refueling contracts. ATS: 1600 amp at 480 volts ASCO automatic transfer switches with bypass isolation.
• Data Center security is of the utmost importance to us. Non-employees must pass through six points of security including armed security before reaching their equipment. All activity in our facilities is monitored and recorded via a Camera Surveillance system.

What You Get:
All of our server packages include the following features and services at NO additional charge:
• APC Remote Reboot. Every server comes standard with an APC remote reboot device that allows you to remotely power off and then power on your server.
• Bandwidth Monitoring System. We utilize an enterprise version of mRTG, and give every server client full access. We monitor your server in 5 minute cycles.
• Choice of OS Installation. We offer a full array of Linux and Windows based distributions.
• A stable company. We’ve been in business for 11 years and we’re continuing to grow. is pleased to announce the release of Dedicated Server offerings starting at $95.00/mo.
Your servers will be provisioned in less than 2 hours!
This pricing will be effective for the lifetime of your agreement. offers both Windows 2003 and CentOS servers for rapid setup.
Debian, Ubuntu, etc. are available at no extra charge with a 48 hour install period.
All servers are running on dedicated 100Mbps ports!
If you prefer 10Mbps, simply place a comment with your order.

Basic Dedicated (Windows or Linux)
Intel Core2Duo 2Ghz!
1024MB-RAM (Additional 1GB of RAM: $15/mo.) (Additional 4GB of RAM: $50/mo.)
160GB-Disk Space (Additional 160GB Drive: $15/mo.)

Standard Dedicated (Windows or Linux)
Intel Core2Duo 2Ghz!
2048MB-RAM (Additional 2GB of RAM: $50/mo.)
2x160GB-Disk Space (Upgrade to Dual 250GB Drives: $30/mo.)
Bonus: 320GB Disk to Disk Backups Included
$115.00/mo. ($10 less than upgrading from Basic Dedicated Plan)

Control Panel Pricing: You are welcome to install any control panel.
Plesk - 30 Domain: $20/server
Plesk - 100 Domain: $30/server
Plesk - 300 Domain: $40/server
Plesk - Unlimited: $50/server

Q: Which datacenter are you located in?
A:'s wholly owned Tier 1 and Tier 3 Data Centers in Tampa, FL
Q: What's your setup time once I've purchased a plan?
A: Less than 2 hours, 24 hours a day.
Q: Can I use the full 100Mbps line at all times?
A: Yes!
Q: Please give me some information about your network?
A: HostingAmerica servers reside on a fully redundant all Cisco network managed by in-house experts. Multiple bandwidth providers (Level3, Global Crossing, BrightHouse) give us a superior bandwidth blend with the highest levels of redundancy.

1.5 MB Test Download:

Included with all plans:
• 24 x 7 Email Support
• 100Mbps Dedicated Port
• Remote Reboot via IP
• 24 x 7 Telephone Support

Any Questions?
Please send a PM, write a post, or email to [email protected], or call 813-342-2100
Sales and Technical Support requests are handled 24x7

Terms and Conditions:
This offer applies to new purchases only.
This offer is limited to the first 5 signups.