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    reseller web hits?

    hey so i just came across all of these reseller web hits companies....

    Has neone tried them.... $3 for 1,000 hits?

    does neone resell this service?

    Im thinking this is definatly considered black-hat seo, right?

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    I don't beilve in cheap traffic. A good one is either expensive one or a free (organic one that comes from quality content). - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    It is a scam. You will just get junk traffic that will not help you. It has no bearing on your seach rank. It is just traffic.

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    stay away, they all just use traffic exchanges which is 0% benifit to a commercial website, only you can see good stats , but nothing else.
    yes aleaxa rating can be high by this.

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    if you want 1,000 hits of "whatever" you could just go to exchange sites and to it yourself... spend the $3 on some donuts

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    I have to agree with these guys

    you better off spending time and money on getting high quality
    content then pay . For some scam .

    It's a known fact high-quality content + links = high-quality traffic

    So don't waste your money,

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    Hit to hit is different...
    Because if you are selling the hit from web site about cars to web site offering doughnuts it would be unuseful hit for the secon web site. Hits must be targeted by audience. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
    >>Web Hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and virtual private dedicated servers.
    >>>>Wholly owned multi homed network, servers and facilities.

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    10,000 site visitors but don't buy your product or service or not even interested about you is meaningless compared to 1 site a day who buys your product and becomes your affiliate. Still, quality is supreme.

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    Who is to say out of those 10k hits 1-5 people are interested and will pay each 20$ min for your lowest service. I would say it may be worth a try.

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    It's probably automated traffic. Unique and valuable content will work just as well.

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