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    [NVSS2.0] Niche Video Site Script v2.0 ! Create video sites and sections easily

    We are glad to present the YouTube's Niche Video Site Script v2.0 !

    * Don't have video sections on your sites yet ? Add professional maintenance-free video sections to your sites
    * Create an advanced niche video sites
    * The Only automatic YouTube video script you'll ever need
    * The most advanced niche video site script on the market

    So What is New ?
    Well, Everything ! We have gathered all the feature requests and added many more.

    NVSS v2.0 is an Admin-Panel based automatic video CMS that helps you create a niche video site or video section to an existing site, of any subject you want, with any categories and sub-categories you want.

    NVSS v2.0 works with the new YouTube API and provide the most advanced features possible. v1.0 was a success with the Search Engines. On v2.0 we focus more on uniqueness with the new "unique text per category" feature to make the search engines love it even more.

    * Full SEO friendly URLs
    * Dynamic Title, description meta tag and keywords meta tag.
    * Categories and Sub-Categories
    * Categories and Sub-Categories order management (what comes before/after what)
    * Add unique text for a specific category or sub-category !
    * Sorting: Last update date, View count, Rating, Relevance, Random (one of the previous sorting types with each page load)
    * Multi-Language character support (other languages characters will be displayed correctly)
    * Video pages and Comments Paging (including page numbers <-previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 next->)
    * Video per page and Comments per page settings
    * Insert Adsense (or other ad) codes via the admin panel easily
    and more...
    * Web-based DB installation process. No need to import sql files etc'
    * Light. The script uses very little disk-space and server reasources. It uses YouTube's bandwidth.

    Admin Panel:
    The admin panel provides global site settings and category management. You can:
    * Set the number of videos and comments to display per page
    * Set a sorting type for the homepage and a different sorting type for all other categories video pages
    * Enter your adsense (or other) codes for a 3 different zones (header, menu, above the video)
    * Manage (Add/Edit/Delete) your categories and sub-categories.
    * Set which category is the default (for the homepage)
    * Set the categories and sub-categories order (using numbers. just like in vBulletin and other forums admin panels)
    * IMPORTANT: Add a unique text for a specific category or sub-category. It will apear above the videos of this category. You can use your own text, Wikipedia (like on the demo) or no text at all - whatever you want. It is recommended to add your own text for better SE results.

    Licenses & Pricing:
    On v2.0 all licenses are personal and trackable. Payment by Paypal.

    One-Domain License: Only $25 ! (This is a limited time offer in order to make it affordable for anyone!)

    Multi-Domain License: Only $99 !
    Multi-Domain license is for personal use on your sites only !
    Multi-Domain Licenses will be sold to verified premium/business Paypal accounts only.

    Interested ?? PM me or Post here and i'll get back to you with the payment details.


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    I'm interested but I can't get in touch with you..

    Do you have an aim or skype?

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    Why not ? You could PM.

    ICQ#: 236814244

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