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    * ASP/PHP/CGI/Perl/Cold Fusion.... Hosting for less!

    Please click here for details.

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    Very nice hosting offer, please answer these question i don't find on your webpage:
    1. Do you support mysql ( i feel it's almost useless if you support php but don't mention about that)
    2. What's your server configuration ( CPU,mem, etc.) , I concern about that because I don't want to see slow performance on my ASP website.
    Thank you very much

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    Aseanhosting, the answers to your questions are found on our FAQ page . Here are the answers:
    Q: What kind of servers do you use?
    A: Our servers are custom configured High-Performance Computers. The minimum configuration is as follows:
    Dual Pentium III 933Mhz SCSI 10k RPM Data Drives Genuine Intel Server Board Fast 100MB Network.

    Q: Do you support mySQL?
    A: We do not have support for mySQL databases. However, we support Microsoft Access and SQL Server 2000.

    Thank you.
    Phoenicia Web Services.

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