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Thread: SSL and WHMCS

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    SSL and WHMCS

    Hey guys, Im very new to this so please bare with me if i sound like a complete noob. I just setup my WHMCS and i see it has an option to put in a SSL Cert. Now i was wondering If I would still need to do this if im going to use paypal for my CC processing using a merchant account?

    Or is the SSL also to protect my clients login information and such?

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    Any time you are processing payments from your site it is a good idea to carry an SSL. It will give your customers the sense of security they need to make a purchase. People look for it and is highly recommended.

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    Yes. SSL is most important. It gives confidence to your business.

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    i have an enom account and they sell a $14 one. do you think thats good enough? Im starting out small but hope to grow.

    Also i have noticed on bigger sites they locate the ssl in a sub domain ie is that a SSL or is it a secure server of their own or something of the nature?

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    $14 is cheap one. You can go for it to start.
    Thawte offers cheap SSL for $45. They're best. Check them too. - SSL is installed on a subdomain. Like Billing, Support.

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    I recommend taking a look at GeoTrust or eNom. If you plan on processing credit cards at anytime I would recommend the premium or rapid SSL.

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    so if i wanted to have it like I would have to install the SSL to the subdomain and then use directories out of the subsomain such as for my WHMCS. right?

    is there any specfic reason for doing this? is it so i can secure multiple directories?

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    One SSL Certificate can secure one subdomain and all (sub)directories inside that.


    You can use a wildcard certificate to secure multiple subdomains

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    You can to not put it in a folder.

    Your ssl installation will be:


    But note also, a SSL won't secure the server. It will just encrypt the information that pass through. - Never pay more for your logo!

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