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Thread: Memory vs CPU

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    Memory vs CPU

    It's a question that has come up before and has apparently no concrete answer, however I'll give some more details to make it a bit easier:

    Server Use:
    10-30 low-medium use PHP/MySQL based websites. Total server usage of no more then 500 concurrent users. No Control Panels.

    Option 1:
    Old Dual Xeon (512k cache) 2.4-3GHz
    4GB Memory
    Cent OS 5 (32 bit)

    Option 2:
    Core2Duo #6600
    1GB of memory
    Cent OS 5 (64 bit)

    For the purposes of this exercise I can not 'tweak' either option and they have to be taken as is.

    Any input appreciated.


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    So a very high end CPU with low ram vs one of the oldest intels arround with a lot of ram. What a combinations.... Aren't there any other server configs or other hosts? Still the Xeons might be better for this task as 1GB ram is just..

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    Look at your current memory usage, and if you think you can live with 1GB of RAM, go with the Core2Duo. I can say it's tough to live with not enough RAM. In fact, it's probably easier to live with a slower CPU than with too little RAM. But as mentioned above, it may be more suitable to just keep looking for other options.

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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I know the options are not optimal, but that's the way most dedicated providers work, they entice you with a low price on something that doesn't make sense and recuperate the 'special' cost when you plug up the holes in their design with addons.

    The problem I see with the single 1GB for a C2D is that, from what I understand, the c2d perform a lot better with 2GB or at least 2 sticks of ram.

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    If you are running database intensive sites I would defiantly choose RAM over CPU. I would recommend at least 2GB preferably 4GB. I don't believe with 10-30 minimal sites that the CPU options you have been presented with will make much difference, however from experience I would choose the Xeon.

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    Option 1 will be enough for you. As for Option 2 - RAM may be a bottleneck.
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    i bet ram upgrades on teh core2duo would be cheaper than on the xeon though, since what is in the core2duo is currently hot on the market. Why not push for 2GB in the core2duo? Elite Tier 1 Web Hosting and Managed Services
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