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    Website Slow in Loading - On dedicated server

    I notice that one of my domain: has a few seconds delay before it start loading.

    My other sites: and do not have this problem.

    I am on dedicated server, so it should not be server problem.

    What is wrong? ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    Are you sure blogmalaysia's on a dedicated server? The IP for blogmalaysia hosts 61,327 domains, the IP for shashinki hosts 1 domain,& the IP for hosts 11 domains.

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    Hi Techno,

    Yes, I am very sure is on dedicated server. All the three domains above are in my dedicated server, same server. I only have few sites on it. The Whois info is old cache data of dynadot NS. I use my own NS now.

    Any reason why got delay (sometimes 3-5 seconds) in loading? ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    www .websiteoptimization. com
    will this help you?
    by the way, i don't expereicne the few seconds

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    what CMS software are you using on that site? Are you using mySQL?

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    The problem seems intermediate. If you refreshed the page 5 times, you will see one time it required 3s to start responding... ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno View Post
    what CMS software are you using on that site? Are you using mySQL?
    I am using PHPLinkDirectory. Yes, it is using mySQL database. ~ Online Camera Shop!

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    i am also facing this problem

    please check my site:
    and why site loading like 1 min

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    For me this only happens when trying to load a huge database.
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