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    Crucial Paradigm Releases Fully Managed Xen Virtual Dedicated Servers (30% off!!)

    Crucial Paradigm Releases Fully Managed Xen Virtual Dedicated Servers (30% off!!)

    To celebrate the release of our new Fully Managed Xen Virtual Dedicated servers, we are offering 30% off the life of the account! This is lasting for one week only, so make sure you get one while it lasts!

    Promotion Coupon: VPS30OFF

    About Crucial Paradigm:

    Crucial Paradigm provides not only virtual dedicated servers but also shared, reseller, dedicated and high traffic clusters. We provide reliable, fast, affordable hosting solutions though our key difference is our support. What sets us apart is that we care about our clients and are devoted to providing the highest level of service to them! We won't offer you unrealistic terabyte plans, we have a proven track record and host multiple top 500 visited websites and its our service that keeps them with us.


    • Full root access, complete access, and control over resources
    • Multiple Dedicated IPs
    • Direct Access via SSH or Console
    • System Isolation
    • Choice of multiple OS installations, and ability to change at anytime at the click of a mouse
    • Ability to install/uninstall applications as you please
    • Control Panel to manage Virtual Server, even if it is down, or not accessible via the internet. Includes the following features:
    • Start Virtual Server
    • Stop Virtual Server
    • Restart Virtual Server
    • Hard Reboot
    • Manage IPs Assigned to Virtual Server
    • Complete Network Management (ip addresss, name servers, and gateway)
    • Backup/Restore Virtual Server
    • Rebuild Virtual Server with Original OS, or OS of choice
    • Integrated Console Access to access the Virtual Server even if it is not accessible via network.
    • Reset Root Password
    • File Manager
    • Timezone Management
    • Live Traffic and CPU Graphs
    • ... and many more!



    10GB Space
    200GB Bandwidth
    256MB RAM
    2 IPs
    $49.95/month - DISCOUNTED TO: $34.97/month

    20GB Space
    400GB Bandwidth
    512MB RAM
    4 IPs
    $79.95/month - DISCOUNTED TO: $55.97/month

    30GB Space
    600GB Bandwidth
    768MB RAM
    6 IPs
    $99.95/month - DISCOUNTED TO: $69.96/month

    40GB Space
    800GB Bandwidth
    1024MB RAM
    8 IPs
    $129.95/month - DISCOUNTED TO: $90.96/month

    Why Crucial Paradigm?
    • True Virtual Dedicated Servers - by utilizing Xen, you are using a true virtualized server, and you are able to install modules, such as IPtables without any problems. It is like having a real dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost! You have full control to install any software you require.
    • Xen Based Virtual Dedicated Servers - Unlike many other hosts who use OpenVZ or Virtuozzo, we use Xen on our virtual dedicated servers which provides you far improved security, reliability, and in many instances better performance. Don't worry about your virtual server crashing anymore because you are using "too much resources", with Crucial Paradigm Xen plans you won't have to worry about this!
    • Honest, Respectable Host - Unlike many other hosts we deliver everything we offer, and MORE!
    • Extreme Backups & RAID - We run RAID 10 on our Virtual Dedicated Servers to ensure a high level of data security, while at the same time ensuring your VDS loads quickly.
    • 24/7 Unsurpassed Managed Support - Real people, real responses. 99% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes! Our VDS plans are managed, so we can help configure, manage, and maintain your virtual dedicated server.
    • Fast Servers with Low Number of Accounts per Server - Our servers run only the latest hardware with at least Quad Cores, 8GB RAM, and RAID 10. A track record of 99.9+% uptime, and 99.9% uptime Guaranteed!
    • Free Transfer from your Existing Host - We'll transfer your site free of charge for you if your existing host uses cPanel and allows backups to be generated from cPanel!
    • 270 Free Website Templates - Quality web templates worth over $4,000 with reseller rights.
    • Free full blown billing system (valued at $249.95!). Automate billing and account setup through WHM Complete Solution (WHMCS).
    • Free Domain Reseller Account! - Receive your free domain reseller account, and start selling domains straight away.

    Other Information:


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    Virtual Dedicated:
    crucialparadigm - Affordable, Reliable, Professional :
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    Hi ePlanetDesign, while this is not usually included we would be happy to provide this free of charge. Just when you sign up reference this thread, and we will adjust your billing accordingly!
    crucialparadigm - Affordable, Reliable, Professional :
    Web Hosting
    24/7 Support Web Hosting Reseller Hosting Cloud/VPS Plans Dedicated Servers

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