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    Live Support

    What do you all think of 'Live Support'?

    Personally, I use it. I like the friendly touch of talking to someone whom responds to my questions directly.

    Do you think Live Support is good for;

    1. Nothing
    2. Sales
    3. Tech Support
    4. Emergency, etc.

    In my experience, Live Support has often been used for technical assistance, and while this is great if you are a one man shop, it doesnt work very well with shift tech support.

    Sales is a bit more direct, but - I would personally still prefer a 'record' of the conversation that the client could point to.

    Live support may have a valid use during emergency situations, however I am doubting that the personalities that actually answer these live chats can provide any authoritative answers other than 'It'll be ok'.

    So, does live chat have a future in Web Hosting, in your opinion? - Performance Hosting Solutions: - - -

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    We just started beta testing Tech Support live chat actually. So far, response has been very positive for the most part. The most difficult aspect for Tech Support live chat from a host's viewpoint is when live chat operators cannot solve the client's problem and therefore has to create a ticket to escalate to a higher level/tier. That can anger the client even more than they already may be.

    It's important to staff tech support live chat with knowledgeable staff members that can actually solve client problems and not simply read from a pre-set script.

    I personally agree with your sales live chat sentiments, but our sales live chat is extremely popular. So it's obvious the demand is there; at least from our experience.

    The usual 'your mileage may vary' label applies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucial Web Host View Post
    So, does live chat have a future in Web Hosting, in your opinion?
    Yes, of course. It's very crucial to have a good communication channel to customers. And they feel confident then they are able to chat to real people with their inquiries, technical or sales support needs.
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    I like the tickets system. It's more efficient with tickets, because with Live Chat ... unless you're requesting something very simple it's not much the operator can do.
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    Well, our customers use the Live Chat mostly for basic inquiries. If they ask us a technical question that requires an essay-type answer, I usually refer them to send it through email or the ticketing system.

    Live Chat Support is good especially whn customers want to know something or report something.
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    I think it's good for 2 & 4 and especially 4! Makes me feel comfortable when I actually can contact someone [physically]. Technical support via live chat doesn't do any good- why wait and rush them? For that kind of support, I live an efficient ticketing system.
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    Personally i think it's good for pre-sales but it's not right right method for billing and support - they should always be logged in a ticket or email and handled in that way as you have a record of the request then.

    In regards to emergency support, i will think email/ticket and maybe send out a sms alert to your co-workers so they can respond straight away.
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    Most of our clients submit tickets, even though we have people Live Chat for most of the day it is much better to get into the habbit of encouraging your clients to open support tickets for good "paper trails". If anything we get Live Chat requests for pre-sales questions or...who did our design?
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    As a hoster it's obviously easier to use tickets, I have had live chat set up before but I found that not many people actually wanted to use it for tech support and typically just used tickets instead.
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