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    808 launches new FlagShip Product!!! Dual Harpertown on sale from $269!!!

    It is an exciting time at

    We are posed and ready to make this a exciting 2008. Over the past 13 years we have shown you, our loyal customers that we are a customer driven company - You asked for it, you got it!

    You asked for a reliable facility with N+1 redundancy - You got it! The AtlantaNAP offers full N+1 redundancy on Generators, UPS, Cooling Towers, AC Units and more!

    You asked for a powerful portal offering you reboots, integration of your KVM/IP and management interfaces, tickets, user creation and management, and Automated OS Loads - You got it! We also added custom branding so you can give all of the powerful features DIRECTLY to your customers without spending 1000s on developing your own!

    You asked for a super fast network! - You got it! The GNAX Gold network provides an industry leading upgrade to BGP though the AVAYA Route optimizer offering fantastic performance anywhere in the world. With the addition of Qwest and Level3 customers will have access to 7 Teir1 providers as well as loads of direct peering.

    You understand the financially stability of your host is CRITICAL to your business - You got it! We are one of the FEW hosts who publicly declared we are a profitable tax paying company.

    You asked for best in class IPS protection - You got it! By working closely with the Top Layer development team we developed a customized platform for protecting your servers based on the most common threats including worms, viruses, Trojans, DDoS Attacks, Microsoft vulnerabilities and more.

    You asked for an internal network - You got it! Our customers enjoy a full 1gbit internal network supporting jumbo frames and iSCSI.

    You asked for low cost mass storage device - You got it! Raid 6 iSCSI, NAS Storage from as little as $0.20c/GB!

    You asked for live sales to instantly be able to ask questions - You got it! Netdepot is happy to launch its new live sales today!

    You asked for low earth shattering price - YOU GOT IT!

    Netdepot is proud to announce its new flagship product - The Dual Harpertown 5405!

    The Harpertown 5405
    has 18% more CPU power then a 5320!*
    is 18% more green then a 5320!**
    and is 18% off the cost of a 5320!***

    Full specs:

    Dual Harpertown 5405
    8x 2.0ghz cores! (16ghz total)
    12MB Cache!!!!
    2GB FB Ram
    250GB Sata II drive
    Standard price: $299 + $99 setup
    SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $269 $0 setup!!!!

    To celebrate we have also SLASHED the prices of ALL of our upgrades. If your looking for a server with lots of ram/drives we DARE YOU TO COMPARE.

    RAM From $7/month!
    500GB Upgrades less then $5/month!!!!!

    Dual Harpertown 5405
    12GB of ram
    4x500gb sata II
    Raid 10
    80GB iSCSI NAS storage
    Major Competitor's Price: $779/month + $99 setup.
    Our Price! (with 20GB more NAS space): $530 + $0 setup (you save $250/month!)
    OR choose to buydown your addons for $1400 and pay only $299/month (you save $480/month!)

    *According to
    **According to the Hinkle Benchmark (defined as the passmark score/wattage)
    ***Refers to the old price of 5320s ($329)
    Jordan Jacobs | VP, Products|SingleHop| JJ
    Managed Dedicated Servers | Bare-Metal Servers | Cloud Services

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    NetDepot has top-notch support!

    Jordan, I think you guys messed up the Raid prices on the order form

    RAID 0/1 (Buydown) $229.00 + Setup: $250.00
    It shows $229 per month with $250 setup.

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    Thanks Ali!
    Jordan Jacobs | VP, Products|SingleHop| JJ
    Managed Dedicated Servers | Bare-Metal Servers | Cloud Services

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