Hi all,

I'm selling advertising space on 2 forums on Prime Spots

For $20.00 a month, your 728 x 90 banner rotates sitewide on www.directoryjunction.com/forums/ a Webmaster Forum, www.directoryjunction.com Webmaster Services Directory and www.hostinggossip.com/ a web hosting forum.

Flash banners ok.

Only 6 spots will be sold for the next 2 months bringing the total number of ads to 8.

The ads are placed on prime spots, top of page and near the reply button.

The web hosting forum is new, and still under some development.

An extra feature. If your trying to sell a product or service, in addition to your banner ad, we can place a link under your banner which users can click and go straight to your advertising thread to communicate with you.

Anybody interested can reply, message me or go straight to the site http://www.directoryjunction.com/advertise.phtml and contact me from there.