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    Need some info about VPS


    For the past 5 years or so I've only been using shared host (at servage, of which I'm extremely happy). However they have a 400.000 hit limit per day which isn't enough anymore for my needs. So I started looking for either a dedicated server or a VPS provider. I think a VPS is better for me since the costs are lower and I don't have as much visitors every day. I run, which is an Ana Ivanovic fansite. So it only has 2000+ visitors during tournaments and 4000+ visitors per day during the latter stages of the Australian Open which has ended now. So when there aren't any tournaments I don't really need the dedicated server features and with a VPS I think it would work out with the burstable ram (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know very much about VPS).

    Now there is where I'm interested in the 1024mb plan. Do you think that would suffice my needs? I need the high amount of bandwidth because I use like 30-35gb per day in the latter stages of a Grand Slam and I'm going to launch two new fansites over the coming months (after which I may want to move to a dedicated server). Also I just need some MySQL databases and have some easy php scripts which already work for some years so there will be no need to upgrade PHP myself, so I don't think i'll run into problems with software upgrades.

    Can someone also comment on the host I've chosen whether or not there have been problems with them in the past and present?

    Thanks in advance

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    The link you posted is to an unmanaged plan. Unless you have very good server admin skills you might want to increase your budget and go with a managed product.

    You are proabably needing to budget ~ $80-100 USD per month as a minimum if you are wanting 1TB bandwidth and decent specs from a quality provider that isn't going to end up as a headache for you
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    I'd suggest you go with a dedicated server rather than a VPS. Don't rely on burst RAM, it only can be used for minutes (if available), no provider will allow you use 2G RAM for hours if you only pay for 1G.

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    you might want to consider eurpvps's 4-for-1 offer, it sounds perfect for you to distribiute the traffic. Keep in mind tough that the offer is not going to last forever. Either that or dedicated. I also recomend some skills on that sort of server config
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    This is the right time for you to switch to Dedicated Server. You will get Dedicated amount of resources with the server and you don't have to rely on Burstable RAM. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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