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    Domain registry help please

    Hi i have the namservers
    ns9. edge-host. com
    ns10. edge-host. com
    When i go to powerpipe and try and transfer a domain to either nameserver it dont want to know me
    I am new to this so sorry for the question
    Help please
    I have never had a dedicated before
    with virtual all i had to do was tell the registry where i wanted the domain pointed
    ie ns9. edge-host. com
    ns10. edge-host. com
    Maybe there is something i need do in plesk
    Thank you for your time

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    I looked at the ns9 nameserver, my local dns server says "can't find Non-existent domain".

    However when I do "dig +trace" it gives me the IP address, you just need to wait for 24-72 hours (maybe some more) to let it propogate


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    Are you using these for CNO domains or a different domain? They need to be defined in the individual registry for the TLD you are trying to associate with the nameserver.

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    Thanks for the help it is fantastic
    Maybe the edgehost9 and 10 have not kicked in yet
    I am trying to add by pointing it at those nameservers

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    *****Errors modifying nameservers: Nameserver ns9. edge-host. com cannot be registered*****
    still the same story
    I dont understand why

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    Sounds like you need to be asking Powerpipe technical support.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Problem is that you have too many problems at the same time

    1st - setup the server, ask host support but setting up server DNS should be in their FAQ

    2nd - Set up your main domain as a name server at the registrar, 2 IP#s needed - You seem to have it done already.It's resloved to from my end.

    3- When both are done, host the domains by changeing their old NS to your server's new ones.

    How it works out.

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