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    Sticky thread on your forum = $5.00

    Make $5.00 for posting 1 sticky thread on your forum

    Forums with 5,000 posts or more: will pay $2.25 per thread.
    Forums with 15,000 posts or more: will pay $5.00 per thread.

    Important Info

    1.0. The thread must go under a popular forum-topic area (not placed under marketplace or junk) and be "sticked" for at least 3 months.

    Additional Info

    Earn an extra $5.00 per sale referral (for popular webmaster tools):

    Services promoted include:
    - website design
    - SEO
    - web promoition
    + more

    If you own a related forum please apply.

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    Have a preview of the thread?

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    The text itself is not that relevant as long as it promotes our products and services.

    You can preview the services at

    The promotion would be for 'Promotion' or 'Installation' services, and in some cases other sites (depending on your forum's target market).

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    I'll offer you a sticky thread for $15 for 3 months.

    Over 7,000 posts. As for $2.50 for that time - no. What I'm offering you is an amazing discount (50% less than other advertiser's pay).

    It can go in either General Discussion or The Coffee Bar - These are the most popular forums on the discussion board!

    PM me if interested
    Web Handyman - Website and Internet Marketing Service

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