I've been with Teratomic for almost a year, so i thought it was time for me to make a review on how they operated.
To start off, i have to say Teratomic is an awesome company with really friendly staff. I was using my server to run a game server, it was always running perfectly, never any issues apart from my own stupid mistakes and i always had their staff there to fix my issues very fast. The gameserver i ran used to run about 500-600 players online constantly and had alot of very important information getting stored in the databases. Teratomic decided to give me another server for free and hook it up to the same switch i was on so i could store my backups on the server. I know my review sounds very... how shall i put it.. sucking-up, but i'm only telling the truth. I really do recomment these guys, top notch servers and top notch guys.

Hope to see more reviews about them!