From now to Jan 31, 2008, we're expending our promotion at our DC-1 datacenter at Dallas, TX, USA. Ordering a DirectAdmin hosting package at, you will get double space and bandwidth at the same price.

Datacenter: Colo4Dallas
- web server: dual-core Opteron / 2GB RAM / raid-1 protection disks running on Supermicro boxes
- database server: quad-core Xeon / 8GB RAM / raid-10 protection disks running on Supermicro boxes

Each server connects to 2 networks: public and private. We do not charge for private networks at all

Monitoring service
All our shared and managed servers are now monitored every minute by Pingdom service from 15 locations over the world. With our skillful team, we are bringing you the highest quality of services

Hosting features
- DirectAdmin control panel
- multiple hosted domains
- private name servers
- Apache web server
- PHP / Perl supported
- GD library supported
- mySQL / phpMyAdmin installed
- FTP server
- POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / Webmail / Spam blocker / Anti-virus
- File Manager
- Web stats
- free backup daily on the same server
- free backup weekly on backup device
- redundant DNS
- clustering mysql system

Order links
- B1 package: 3GB disk space + 120GB transfer/month: $25/month
double to 6GB disk space + 240GB transfer/month - same price
Order B1

- B2 package: 5GB disk space + 150GB transfer/month: $40/month
double to 10GB disk space + 300GB transfer/month - same price
Order B2

- B3 package: 7GB disk space + 170GB transfer/month: $55/month
double to 14GB disk space + 340GB transfer/month - same price
Order B3

Any question related to our services, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or posting on our customer forums at

Thank you.