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Thread: Dns fix

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    Dns fix

    I have had our server running for over a year.

    But the setting for the dns are not set correctly.

    All my hosting accounts work. I have about 25 hosting accounts on this server.
    Most all are mine, some I host for friends and such.

    I have setup my own nameservers on the server but I don't think I did it correctly.

    I need someone to check my settings and fix where necessary.

    Please email me with price quote [email protected]

    Information from where I pay for server.
    Supposed to be fully managed. (MAYBE THIS IS ASKING TOO MUCH?)

    Dear John , Thank you for contacting xxxxx, This is something you'll have to sort out. but I can tell you what is wrong, you have those domans using ns1.********************** But *********** itself is using another domain for it's nameservers and that will always mess with dns, best is to set the domain to use it's own nameservers and make sure they are registered at the registrar with the proper IP's In addition they should be assigned the same IP's that were originally assigned in your welcome email.

    This message means nothing to me as I don't understand what to do.

    Anyway, I think it is a simple fix, but it is better to let someone who knows
    what there doing.


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    I can fix your nameservers for $10 total via paypal. I sent you details.

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