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    Packets Lost

    Hi Guys,
    I wanted to know what is packets lost,
    I used site and its says my site had 100% losts packets in some locations, what does this mean?
    One of my other host doesn't have any packets lost, so for a new package should I go with them, rather than the host which has packets lost?

    When I asked my host they said do not trust just-ping and told me to use,
    Does this site check for packets lost?

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    Does this site check for packets lost?
    No. But it attempts to actually load the page. Pings may not work (be disabled) and the packets appear as lost, yet the server may be online, and websites run beautifully.

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    if pings was disabled would I get 100% packets lost? as I get 20-80% packet lost,

    I have hosted 2 sites on 2 hosts and am trying to decide which host to use.

    One site is:
    and the other is:

    What can you recommend?

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    if ICMP is blocked you would get 100% loss.
    The internet is a big place your bounded to get a dropped packet or two.
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    Any opinions which host I should use, the one for the first one or the 2nd one?,

    The 2nd one didn't have any packets lost.

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