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    Can you guys help me out


    Sorry i didnt know where to post this.

    I need someone to help me out in recommending a script or something that might help me.

    I want to build a site that has 2 things.
    1: gallery of images of a said person
    2: Info on that person.

    Like a celebrity fan site. Where people can go to your site look at the images and read the Bio,

    I've been trying to use Mambo,, Not really working as there is no Gallery. Also tried some Gallery script but again didnt suit.. is there something out there or am i looking at a custom made script?

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    Simply awesome:

    In case you want to include it in Joomla/Mambo I think you should be able to use the wrapper for it....or just provide a link back to 'Home'

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    There're many gallery addons, or extensions as they're called, for Joomla. I've personally used Datso Gallery and I like it. The support is lacking though. Website has a French TLD but is in Russian
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