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    Original Content to Drive Traffic to your Site

    A successful website should always be concerned with the originality and freshness of its content.

    Search Engines love websites with relevant, unique content with the right keyword optimization and density.

    Let me help you make your website unique and full of fresh well written content- it not only adds value to your site by giving your visitors useful information, it also makes the Search Engines "love" to crawl your site.

    Contact me via Pm for quotes and samples or email me at fascicles (@ )

    I will write your original content, your choice of themes and keywords. You will retain all rights.

    Thank you

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    give me a shout and let me know what pricing you've got.

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    Dec 2007
    Just a quick note, This person is a scammer.

    The deal was that I would buy a domain for him "" and give him hosting and in return I would get two articles a month.

    I have yet to recive them. I have sent over 4 emails sence the due date asking what the status is and have not recived a reply yet. He used gmail and I have caught him online with the built in google chat system and tryed talking to him but goes offline with in seconds.

    If he does come thought even though its coming to a month past the deal was made I will update on this thread.

    So just watch out for this guy.

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    nice - thanks for the warning.

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    I am am happy to remote that He is not a scammer. Sadly it was a mis comunication or a lack of. He was unable to reply to any of my emails at the time and Have been able to find him on gmail chat and talk to him. He has sence promised my articles and at a point offered to pay for the domain.

    I would like to recomend him on the fact that he is very easy to deal with this guy once you have a change to talk to him directly.

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